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Good evening, this is the traffic report for 6:30 pm.

Leadstock road is vey congested due to peak hour traffic, with many people going home. Drivers are advised to exercise extreme caution as traffic is very slow in the direction of the city. The use of the ring road at this point is not advisable due to an overturned lorry which is on fire at the junction with Lewis Road. This has blocked all traffic going west to the Ring Road. Drivers are instead advised to go to the Plain roundabout, then through Harpenden. The traffic in this direction is very light, as a result of the strike at the hospital there, and finally the ring road can be joined at this point for drivers going east.

There are problems on Bridge road near Sliverton due to road works, and traffic is very slow leading to tailbacks for several miles. The police advise all drivers going to Camberely to delay their journeys by 30 minutes if possible to allow the congestion to ease.

There has been an accident between a cyclist and a car on Morganfield bridge in Selby. The road is consequently closed as the police investigate what happened.

Finally, The roads through Black Hill and the Cross roundabout are clear, and traffic is flowing nicely.

Please remember to drive carefully, and have a safe journey home.

That is the end of the traffic report.


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Everybody is asked to drive carefully.

This report is for the evening.

Leadstock Road is easiest to drive on.

There is a hospital in Harpenden.

There was a bicycle accident in Camberely.

The report is mainly for cyclists.

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Akvilė Bernotaitė

Akvilė Bernotaitė

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