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Bill Bryson, OBE, the best-selling American author of humorous books on travel about Britain, was born in the US on December 8th, 1951, although he lived in Britain for most of his adult life. He returned to the U.S. in 1995 with his wife and four children, who then had the opportunity of learning about life in the US. He felt they would be happier for having lived in two countries, and although he regretted leaving the UK and would like to return, that would not be possible for at least four years, as his daughter Felicity was about to start college there.

He recently returned to England for a short period to work on a radio programme about the English Language and also to talk about a book he had written. Having to go on the road to promote their work is not something most writers like doing, although Bryson doesn’t mind it, because it gives him the chance of visiting new places and meeting lots of people.

The luxurious life he enjoys when doing this work in Britain, like being driven around in big cars and staying in expensive hotels, is very different from his normal life in the US. He enjoys this experience because he doesn’t have to pay any bills and everybody is nice to him and he has a lot of fun.


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Bill has written about a country he has visited.

Bill has travelled to many different places in the United States.

Bill returned to the United States after living in England for a long time.

Bill is not unhappy with the things he has to do to sell his books.

Bill thinks it will be good for his children to live in more than one country.

Bill has just visited England to finish writing his new book.

Bill's daughter didn't want to go to college in England.

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