Becky and her aunt Agatha (218 žod. + užduotis)

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Becky was visiting Aunt Agatha at her house at the beach. It was a beautiful summer day. Becky had built a giant sand castle that morning. Aunt Agatha took pictures of the castle to send to Becky’s parents. It was a great big sand castle. Later that morning, Becky and Aunt Agatha went swimming in the ocean. It was fun to jump with the waves. Then, they went in the house and ate sandwiches and strawberries for lunch.

Becky wanted to play on the beach that afternoon. Aunt Agatha told her it was too hot to go outside without a hat on. Becky didn’t have a hat. Aunt Agatha told her not to worry, she could wear one of hers. Becky tried on four hats. The pink one was really pretty, but it had a big bow in the back that was too long for Becky. The green hat was too fancy for Becky. She did not like that hat at all. The blue hat was nice, but it had an ugly bird on it. Then, Becky saw a big brown hat with a yellow ribbon on it. That hat was made of straw. It was a perfect hat for the beach. It was too big for Becky’s head but she didn’t care. It was a great hat.


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Why did Aunt Agatha want Becky to wear a hat?

Why didn’t Becky like the blue hat?

Who was Becky visiting?

Why did Becky like the brown hat?

Where was Becky?

Why didn't Becky want to wear the pink hat?

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