Hachiko (235 žod. + užduotis)

Angliškas tekstas skaitymui: In front of the enormous Shibuya train station in Tokyo, there is a life-size bronze statue of a dog. Even though the statue is very small when compared to the huge neon...

My name is Ben (164 žod. + užduotis)

Angliškas tekstas skaitymui: My name is Ben and I come from Australia. I am 24 years old and I live in a small town near Sydney called Branton. I don’t have a job now, but normally I clean...

Nelly the Nurse (117 žod. + užduotis)

Angliškas tekstas skaitymui: This is Nelly.  She’s a nurse.  She’s tall and thin.  She works at the hospital.  She looks after sick people. She gets up at six o’clock in the morning.  She takes a...
Anglų pamokėlės

Quite ir pretty

Anglų kalboje yra keli variantai pasakyti “pakankamai geras” arba “gan geras“. Variantas 1: quite good. – This wine is actually quite good, where did you get it?–...
Anglų pamokėlės

To take part in

Kaip angliškai būtų “sudalyvauti“? Ogi labai paprastai “take part in“. Pavyzdys: Last year we took part in this competition.Praeitais metais mes dalyvavome šiame...


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