Testas: Daugiskaita anglų kalboje

They have 5 _____, all boys. childs childrens children childes Continue >> You must brush your _____ twice a day. tooths teeths toothes teeth Continue >> We usually have two long _____ a...

Testas: “To be” naudojimas T3

The film starts at 7 o'clock. We _____ late! is am be are Continue >> Hello, mum. I can't hear you. Where _____ you? am is are be Continue >> There _____ nobody at home. be are is am...

Testas: Datos rašymas anglų kalboje

Which is the correct spelling? Wensdei Wedsday wednesday Wednesday Continue >> This is the seventh month of the year. July June May April Continue >> I'm the best. I'm the _____. second...

Testas: Artikeliai anglų kalboje

Pandas and _____ tigres are both very nice animals. a an - (be artikelio) the Continue >> Christmas comes once _____ year. the - (be artikelio) an a Continue >> The Thames is _____...

Testas: Laikas angliškai

12 twelve tvelwe twoteen twenty Continue >> 49 fortynine fourty-nine forty-nine fortynine Continue >> 09:25 It's twenty-five past ten It's twenty-five to nine It's twenty-five past nine...

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